property appraisal and management consulting services

J.F. Ryan Associates, Inc. has been in business since 1988 providing a full range of property appraisal and management consulting services primarily for government agencies responsible for property tax and assessment administration.

Our mission is to provide professional property assessment and appraisal support in the following areas:

  • Complete computer-assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) support for most commercially available mass appraisal systems or customized systems developed internally for assessment agencies.
  • Technical support for developing appraisal schedules customized for specific real estate markets using various direct market estimation techniques.
  • Data quality review and inspection programs that are designed and implemented with complete adherence to standards for statistical accuracy.
  • Complete analysis and evaluation of property assessement systems including comprehensive sales ratio studies and appraisal performace review.
  • Mass appraisal support as follows:
    • Cost Approach including land value, building value and depreciation schedules specified and calibrated to your local market for all classes of property.
    • Income Approach including direct capitalization and yield capitalization including discounted cash flow analysis.
    • Direct Sales Comparison using modeling techniques such as regression analysis (MRA) and adaptive estimation procedure (feedback)
    • GIS/CAMA integration
  • Design, management and implementation of data collection or data quality programs.
  • Single property appraisal support for complex income-producing properties
  • Litigation support for all aspects of the property assessment process including single property appraisals.
  • Project mangagement support including assistance with strategic planning, development of technical bid specificaitons, business process review/engineering, personnel evaluation, development and delivery of technical education programs and training materials.
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John F. Ryan, CAE, President

John has forty years’ experience including extensive public and private sector experience. Mr. Ryan is a nationally recognized consultant and expert witness for real property appraisal including mass appraisal techniques, ratio studies and the application of information systems technology throughout the assessment industry.

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