Reassessment Project

Oversight of the City of Detroit’s first property assessment project since the 1950’s reviewed City Assessor’s Staff involvement with the project monitored over $20M of the city contracts with management and appraisal contractors supporting the reappraisal project.

The reappraisal effort grew out of the City's Chapter 9 bankruptcy exit plan, with the assumption that lower property tax assessments would stabilize home ownership. Detroit has a large proportion of upwards of 250,000 homes valued at far more than the possible sales price amid blight and foreclosures.

We provided technical and management oversight for the entire reappraisal effort including compliance with mass appraisal standards for all property classes, management operations, and quality control efforts as part of final assessment review. We also conducted on-site review of a sample of residential and commercial properties throughout the city. We provided regular status update reports and recommendations to the State Treasurer’s Office as well as the Michigan State Tax Commission.