Our Services

Assessment Audit

We provide complete audit services of property assessments. These services include statistical analysis of appraiser performance, and accuracy of property taxation. We analyze current methodology and make recommendations for program improvement..

Assessment Monitoring / Oversight

We provide technical and management oversight for the entire appraisal and reappraisal efforts including compliance with mass appraisal standards for all property classes, management operations, and quality control efforts. We conduct on-site review of a sample of residential and commercial properties and provide status reports and recommendations throughout the process.

Municipal Reappraisal

We have provided municipal revaluation services for a wide range of jurisdictions since 1988. We have completed turn-key municipal reappraisal projects in large urban and suburban communities as well as smaller rural jurisdictions including high-value resort areas. Our most recent clients include Wellesley and Belmont, Massachusetts, Greenwich, Orange, West Hartford, Sherman and New Canaan, Connecticut.

Single Property Appraisal

We provide a full range of single property appraisal support for all property types for a variety of client uses including litigation support, estate planning, bankruptcy, condemnation and market feasibility studies.